We are a small collective of like-minded individuals who have been brought together by a common belief in reconnecting people with the Earth’s healing powers. As a grassroots company based in Massachusetts, we produce all of our CBD products right here in the heart of New England, always with domestic ingredients. We believe in creating only the purest domestically sourced products because we feel those are the only types of products that are worth making. It is also our belief that proper education is the foundation of self-improvement, which is why we always work to provide educational resources for those who seek them.

If you are looking for quality CBD online, you've come to the right place. We invite you to browse our Shop for various CBD products, including our popular Full-Spectrum CBD Oil, CBD for muscle pain, CBD for pain relief, edibles, and personal care products. If you are new to the world of CBD or curious to learn a little more about it, we welcome you to explore our Education & Resources section. These resources are provided because we genuinely believe in the healing power of CBD and the renewed sense of Hope it has brought to so many. Some of our customers purchase CBD for pain relief and love the results, welcoming greater ease into their lives. We want people to educate themselves about the healing powers of CBD and organically grown hemp. We want to share the gifts of the Earth with as many people as possible. This is why we present In Gaia's Hands' quality CBD Tinctures online, so that people may come to see that In Gaia’s Hands ... there is Wicked Hope.

Our full spectrum CBD oils are consciously blended to ensure compliance with federal and state laws requiring CBD products to contain less than 0.3% THC by weight. Third-party independent lab testing has verified our oils to have no detectable THC. We invite you to visit our Shop and browse our product line. For transparency, located at the beginning of the product description contains the latest Certificate of Analysis for each respective product. Honesty and integrity are some of our core values here at In Gaia's Hands. We believe the Earth has presented us with all we need to heal and be the best versions of ourselves.

Thank you for visiting our site and for being a valued customer.